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A Revolution in Evaporative Cooling!

The EVAPORCOOL system’s sophisticated design and proprietary technologies make it the most advanced pre-cooling system ever developed for commercial HVAC systems.  The technology behind this system has been around and accepted for decades.  Evaporcool has become the clear cut market leader in this market by minimizing maintenance requirements (no moving parts) and providing good financial paybacks on most commercial HVAC systems.

Whether you need to control your energy costs, reduce peak energy need, extend the life of an already over-worked air conditioner, or reduce the cleaning costs and maintenance, EVAPORCOOL provides significant results.





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EvaporCool System Overview

Evaporcool is one of the few products that  reduces the energy usage of air cooled hvac  equipment. Using evaporative cooling to precool the entering condenser air has been around for decades. There are reasons that Evaporcool is the market leader in this market.


Some system details of the Evaporcool system include:


1. Dramatically reduces the entering condenser air temperature. These systems have had a U.L. testing analysis and thousands  of systems operating successfully. On a humid, 95db/78wb outside design day, the Evaporcool unit will cool this air to approximately 82 degrees db. Depending upon unit type, this reduces the energy usage by 20-22% or more.


2. KW demand is reduced


3. Due to the Evaporcool filter media, dirt in the air is prevented from reaching the condenser coil. This saves on annual condenser coil cleaning labor. It also increases efficiency.


4. Since the units run at a lower condensing temperature, repairs are minimized. The reason air cooled units typically require considerably more repairs in the heat of the summer is because of the high condensing temperatures and pressures that normally are experienced.


5. With the reduced condensing temperatures and pressures of the Evaporcool system, equipment life can be extended.


6. Typical payback periods, only counting the energy savings, are approximately 3 ½ to 4  years. Rebates and incentives are available in many locations.


7.  This is one of the few technologies that increases energy efficiency but at the same time does not negatively affect the  room temperature.


8.  Cooling capacity increased approx.  8-10 percent.


The design advantages of the Evaporcool system include:


1. Evaporcool does not spray water onto the condenser coils. It sprays water within the Evaporcool casing causing the Evaporcool filter media to remain saturated.   This cools the air and prevents moisture from collecting on the condenser coil. In addition, even though no water is sprayed on the condenser coil, the water is filtered and treated with a water softening system.


2. The condenser coils are filtered from dirt in the air that has to be cleaned regularly and causes energy inefficiency.


3.  The air pressure drop through the media pad is very low (less than 1/10 of an inch) by design


4. Units are attached to the A/C units with rare earth super magnets and quick attach couplings. This allows the Evaporcool units to be quickly removed if necessary for repairs and maintenance.  System is totally non-invasive.


5. The SmartSpray™ computerized controller sprays the precise amount of water to minimize water usage and prevent water draining on the roof. No recirculation system or drain system is required


6. Some of the Evaporcool clients include  two Fortune 25 telecommunication companies  (many sites), one Fortune 25 computer accessories company and many other high profile clients.


The website is www.evaporcool.com.


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