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Southern California business customers can drastically reduce A/C energy costs.

Contact us today to learn how the Cool2Save program can help reduce your company’s energy use and costs – and see if your business qualifies.

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For a limited time, you can participate in an Evaporcool clean-energy initiative which helps you cut your air-cooled HVAC equipment’s energy costs.

Introducing the Cool2Save program, featuring Evaporcool® – A patented pre-cooling technology that turns your industrial and commercial A/C units into powerful energy savers.

Offered exclusively by Evaporcool in conjunction with Southern California Edison.


  • What is the Cool2Save program?

The Cool2Save program uses patented Evaporcool® pre-cooling technology to help Southern California business customers cut their HVAC energy costs by up to 30%. Customer participating in this SCE sponsored program simply lease the Evaporcool system for a few years with no money down.  At the conclusion of the contract term customers may keep the Evaporcool system and continue saving for years to come.

  •  What companies are eligible for the Cool2Save program?

Large and mid-sized commercial and industrial enterprises in Southern California that operate air-cooled HVAC systems and chillers with 40-ton capacities or higher.

  • What costs are associated with the program?

Customers simply share a portion of the energy savings with Evaporcool for a period of four to six years.

  • Do I have to maintain the system?

No.  Evaporcool will install and maintain the Evaporcool system throughout the contract term; you simply need to enjoy the energy savings.

  •  My company isn’t located in Southern California. How can I take get an Evaporcool® system for my company?

If you’re located in other parts of the country and would like to learn more about the Evaporcool® technology and how it can help your business cut energy costs, contact us at

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