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About Us / Our story

EvaporCool is a DUAL patented, clean-energy technology that reduces peak demand energy costs of your air-cooled HVAC equipment.


Memphis-based Evaporcool is the market leader in evaporative condenser pre-cooling for commercial HVAC-R units. The system has helped hundreds of Fortune 500, mid-sized, and small companies reduce their HVAC-R energy usage.

The science behind evaporative pre-cooling has been accepted for centuries, but the Evaporcool system is revolutionary because of the following:

  • Uses minimal water while saving water globally with reduced kW consumption
  • Attaches magnetically to HVAC for ease of installation
  • Does not void manufactures warranties
  • Wireless Performance Monitoring for Verified Energy Savings
  • Lowers compressor head pressure and amp draw for extended lifecycle
  • Has strong financial paybacks
  • Qualifies for most Energy Rebates

By pre-cooling the outdoor air before it enters the condenser coils, the Evaporcool system reduces compressor energy usage up to 30%, without adding any humidity to the indoor air. This innovative approach dramatically increases the efficiency of the critical heat-exchange process, reducing energy consumption (kWh) and more importantly, peak-demand (kW) usage.


We strive for the following:

  • Design and manufacture cost-effective, easy-to-maintain Evaporcool systems to reduce peak demand, kWh, and minimize water consumption.
  • Manage a low-cost, high-quality installation program through partnerships.
  • Deliver high-quality customer support with monitoring and results verification.
  • Provide maintenance and service through our partners.

EZ Frames attached magnetically

Lowers entering air over 20*

Our Equity Partners


Kemmons Wilson Companies (KWC) joined as an equity partner in Evaporcool in 2014.

Kemmons Wilson Companies is a third-generation, single family office established in 1948 by Kemmons Wilson. Most noted for founding Holiday Inn Hotels, Kemmons was a serial entrepreneur who never stopped creating or investing in businesses. Having owned, operated or partnered with people in over 400 ventures to date, the third generation helps lead the company today with a concentration in six (6) key industries: aviation, financial services, hotels, insurance, real estate and time sharing but are also open to opportunities outside these areas. They continue to exemplify the same core values, people-first philosophy and long-term perspective that our predecessors instilled.

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